This article explains steps you should take to make it to the first page of Google for your most dreamed of keyword.

It is essential to overpower the first whole page of Google in order to uphold and improve brand or website reputation. A clear understanding of the different data types is necessary to achieve a dominant position on the Google first page. .

Google+ – can easily capture side brands space for brand terms by using rel=”publisher that have got verified Google+ accounts, and functions by linking to Google+ pages as against to individual accounts. The outcome is either your followers count is embraced or you get a link with image of your latest post.

Press releases – Syndicating and acquiring a routine press releases calendar can boost your brand real estate, in case universal news results are showing in SERP.

YouTube & Other Video – A valuable way to maximize the popularity and visibility of your brand terms is to get at least one video hosted on YouTube as YouTube videos have turned most common for different search queries. Brand in your YouTube user name, the name of the video, should be added to achieve high rank for the brand.

Paid search – To acquire more space it is suffice to buy various brand terms in paid search which can maximize this space. The intensity of brand listing could however be also enhanced through opting additional tactics like using Product extensions, Site links extensions, Application extensions, Social extensions .Dynamic search ad extensions and Call extensions or Offer extensions etc.

Google Images – In order to take up possible search engine results page (SERP), the key images like logo or mark should be optimized on your website that can drive more worthy. The brand in the image file name, alt attribute and title of the image should be included while optimizing logo.

Organic search – First opens Google Webmaster Tools for your brand domain and then audits your current website links while performing organic search. Keep in mind not to serve individual pages as it is complex to mention which organic website links will display.

Social media integration such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Wikipedia, and YouTube, etc., will help in increasing your website rankings if only you have created your branded accounts and pages on all of these sites and linked with your official site.

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